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b"Cm Lever Hoist Pendant Control Tool Balancer Model Hoist Puller Volt 3Ph Ton Max 16 Fpm Ton Roller Rigging Hoist Aro 1 4 Ton Cm Loadstar Chain Hoist 20'Lift Zero Gravity Tool Balancer Ton Industrial Electric Chain Hoist 110V Ton Pneumatic Chain Hoist 5 Ton Manual 230 460V Volt 3Ph Coffing Electric"

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b"The line speed with no load is going to be 62 feet per minute. The line speed with a max load of 9,500 pounds is 6.8 feet per minute with 1 layer of rope on the drum, which is 19.1 feet. This is going to have a pulling capacity of 9,500 pounds. With 4 layers of rope on the drum, which is 100 feet, it's going to have a pulling capacity of 5,514 ..."

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b'Komunikasi Luar Ruang Kabel Serat Penyangga Ketat PDLC / ODVA 7.0mm 2 Core. Harga terbaik. Waterproof LC SM Taktis Militer Fiber Optic Cable Hitam Dengan LC Connector. Harga terbaik. 50/125 2/4/8/12/24 Core Kabel Serat Optik Dalam Ruangan Jaket LSZH. Harga terbaik. Kabel Lapis Baja Taktis 4-Inti Untuk Komunikasi Luar Ruangan.'

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b'This light and portable winch includes a built-in carry handle for easy transportation, as well as a handheld remote control on a 10 feet lead. The powerful low amperage-draw gear box is highly efficient and has a pull line rating of 6,000 pounds rolling load, and 2,000 pounds rated line pull.'

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b'Manual crane from the late 19th century used for unloading small loads (balls, crates, etc.) by ships at the Port of Barcelona, Spain.A crane is a type of machine, generally equipped with a hoist rope, wire ropes or chains, and sheaves, that can be used both to lift and lower materials and to move them horizontally.'

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b'Rope capacity Recommended wire rope type: Extra Improved Plow Steel (EIPS) with IWRC Series no. Wire rope diameter Full drum less 2 layers ft (m) Short drum Long drum (GC) ft. m ft. m LS150R LS300R LS600R LS1500R LS2000R LS5000R PS1000R PS2400R PS4000R PS10000R 316 1 4 1 4'


b'2017-11-25. 15 pcs 14619.53kg. ship equipment for return/repairs junk iron basket 8 ft x 10 ft grocery containers 8 ft x 10 ft cargo container blade-power,emd,40143317cont-mp,asm,710-t2,w/ cap,dril-quip,2-601820-02,retainer sample-lube,contains 64 vials compactor bags (containing wood and paper deb'

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b'Comments . Transcription . View PDF - Myanmar Customs Department'