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b'Double girder overhead crane in Indonesia Project Address: Indonesia Time: Dec. 2020 Equipment Model: GHD10T+5T-10.9M H=15M A5 1set GHD30T+15T-10.9M H=15M A5 1set Usage: Used for hoisting printing equipment...'

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b"Weihua Cranes: 250T/15T Double Girder Overhead Crane Assembly and Performance Overview The overhead crane adopts whole crane design method, accord with user's technical parameter requirement. Its control systems use digital drive systems, PLC systems, fault diagnosis system, etc., which makes the crane has better operational and safety performance."

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b'DOUBLE GIRDER OVERHEAD TRAVELLING CRANE. Double is stronger! If you need to transport heavy loads of up to 120 t across large areas then ABUS double girder travelling cranes are your first choice. Like all ABUS gantry cranes, they integrate well into different building structures, whether new or existing,'

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b'15 Ton Capacity Michigan Overhead Double Girder Bridge Crane and Rails For Sale Capacity: 15 Ton Total Weight: 15,000 to ... Read More. 10 Ton Capacity Acco Overhead Bridge Crane For Sale. 10 Ton Capacity Acco Overhead Bridge Crane Capacity: 10 Tons Span: 56\' 6" Includes: Hoist ...'

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b'Overhead Crane. -Safe working load: 12.5t- Lifting height: 6~15m Span: 6~30m- Crane type: Single Girder Overhead Crane- Movements: 6 directions-. Enquire. 15T DGGC. Electric Gantry Crane. -Safe working load: 15t- Lifting height: 6~12m Span: 10~35m- Crane type: Double Girder Gantry Crane- Movements: 6 -. .'

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b'The Double Girder Overhead Crane with Electric Hoist is traveling on fixed support. The frame adopts box-type welding mechanism, and it used together with CD1/MD1 or HC/HM model electric hoist as a complete set, It is a mid-duty class crane, the capacity is from 3 tons to 20 tons. The span is 10.5-31.5m.The lifting height is 6~18 meters.'

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b'10Ton Double Girder EOT Crane . 10Ton Double Girder EOT Crane mainly consists of main beam, hook trolley, crane traveling mechanism, cabin and electric controlling system, etc. Foundry crane is one of the main equipment in the continuous casting technology of steel making.It is mainly used transfer the , ...'

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b'Oct 16, 2017 \xc2\xb7 The major disadvantage of a single girder crane system is that they do have a limit in terms of capacity, span, and hook height. A double girder crane may be the better solution for overhead cranes that require capacities over 15 tons and spans over 65 feet. Note: You will rarely see a single girder crane rated higher than 15-tons.'