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b'Ship-to-shore Container Gantry Crane made in China. Ship-to-shore Container Gantry Crane With large span, high speed, high efficiency, and can put one container handling to any container lot on the ship. According to the port actual needs, one berth usually with 1~2 sets quayside container crane, sometimes even with 3~4 shore container cranes.'

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b'STS, the Ship To Shore Container crane is widely used to load and unload containers from ship and trucks. The crane frame design is very advanced so that the crane can work with a high efficiency. The trolley can travel on the rails which are mounted on the outreach beam and the whole crane travels on the rails mounted in the ground.'

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b'Bridge type grab ship unloader is usually full of work, but the load change of hoisting mechanism for ship to shore container crane is great. Due to the current carrying capacity of the container is generally only 50% ~ 60% of rated capacity, if the crane rated lifting weight is based on 30.5t to design, when lifting 20ft container, even at the ...'

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b'Ship-to-shore container crane \xe2\x80\x93 is a specialized version of the rail mounted gantry crane in which the horizontal gantry rails and their supporting beam are cantilevered out from between frame uprights spaced to suit the length of a standard freight container, so that the beam supporting the rails projects over a quayside and over the width of an adjacent ship allowing the hoist to lift ...'

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b'Quay Crane (also as know container crane, sea to shore crane) is a type of large dockside gantry crane found at container terminals for loading and unloading intermodal containers from container ships. Quay cranes consist of a supporting framework that can traverse the length of a quay or yard on a rail track.'

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b'port operations, such as those executed by ship-to-shore gantry crane operators, have led to the need for training simulators in this area too (Rouvinen, Lehtinen, and Korkealaakso 2005). Ship-to-shore crane simulators are now commonly used worldwide. Many, largely fixed, simulators owned by container'

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b'Mar 15, 2018 \xc2\xb7 Quay gantry crane (QC)/ Ship to shore crane (STS) 1. Quay Gantry Crane Brief Discussion 2. PRESENTED BY Md. Anik Islam Executive, Sales & Marketing Assign Power Limited 3. Introduction Container\xe2\x80\x99s transport over the world plays a major logistics role in the contemporary global economy.'

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b'Container Handling Gantry Crane Of Ship To Shore, Quayside container crane . Description . Quayside conatiner crane(STS/QC) generally includes the following units: steel frame. luffing mechanism, inclination mechanism, crane travel mechanism, trolley traverse mechanism, machinery house, elevator, container spreader, electric equipments and other accessory equipments for safety. According to ...'