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b'This bridge beam or single girder supports a lifting mechanism or hoist that "runs" on the bottom flange of the bridge beam. Double girder crane: An overhead traveling bridge crane that utilizes two bridge beams set atop the runway (end) trucks. Generally this type of crane utilizes a top running trolley hoist which moves along the top of the ...'

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b'3 ton electric winch is a cost-effective option to lift and pull heavy objects and materials in building construction, bridge construction, road construction, mine and marine. It provides easy load control using a push-button control box or remote control (a control pendant or wireless remote control). These winches come in a range of styles ...'

(PDF) ElEctric Motors Control SyStemS Electric Motors and ...

b'ElEctric Motors Control SyStemS Electric Motors and Control Systems, First Edition. Yasar Akman. Download PDF. Download Full PDF Package. This paper. A short summary of this paper. 19 Full PDFs related to this paper. READ PAPER.'


b'warning to the crane operator and disengages all crane functions whose movement can cause two-blocking. Rated Capacity Limiter (RCL) A simple, effective and easy to use overload protection system in conjunction with a low profile type anti-two block (A2B) device assists the operator in the efficient operation of the unit. The RCL'

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b'Overhead limit switch is defective. 7.) Motor windings burned out. 1.) Replace fuse or reset circuit breaker. 2.) Supply correct voltage to the motor. 3.) Repair, replace, insulate and tighten all wires. 4.) Replace the "up" button. 5.) Replace the AC contactor. 6.) Replace the overhead limit switch. 7.) Replace'


b'housing pump body. protects the hydraulic section of the pump. impeller causes and directs movement of the water inside the pump. diffuser it turns the energy transferred to the water by the impeller into pressure. mechanical seal it prevents the water from get in contact with the electric motor. o-rings adapt .'

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b'5 ton electric winch is engineered to lift and pull a heavy load weighing 5 tons or less. It makes the lifting and pulling of materials more efficient and easier for you. The winch machine can be designed with any size and configuration to suit your each lifting and pulling requirement.'

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b'Single Girder Railway 3ton 5ton Eot Crane Supplier Safe Driving Wireless Remote Control Worksho Suspension Model Low Headroom U 1 Ton Overhead Crane End Carria Bridge Single Girder 5 Ton Susp High-Quality Lightweight Wareho 1t 2t 5t 10t Motorized Overhead 5 Ton Single Girder Bridge Unde , ,'