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b'Single Girder gantry crane; Double Girder gantry crane; Overhead crane. ... It is a middle or small crane, used with CD,MD type hoist, travelling on rail. This product is a regular crane, widely used in mechanical processing workshop for materials handling, outdoor place and ... The electric trolley gantry crane is a \xe2\x80\x93'

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b'L type gantry crane is a single girder crane with a lifting capacity between 5 ton and 50 ton. It is strong enough to carry out heavy lifting tasks in many different industries. This 20-ton gantry crane is capable of handling long items, free from space restrictions due to L legs design.'

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b'AQ-QD double girder overhead crane 20 ton. Double girder overhead crane may be a better option to handle 20 tons since it provides higher efficiency, greater lifting speed and more lifting height. The AQ-QD type double girder crane is designed for general \xe2\x80\xa6'

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b'3. Classified according to quantity of the lifting mechanism, there are single trolley gantry crane, double trolley gantry crane and gantry crane with more than two trolleys; generally, single girder outdoor cranes adopt electric hoists as its lifting tool and double girder cranes always use trolleys to lift and move heavy materials.. 4. Classified according to supporting leg number, there are ...'

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b'20 ton gantry crane is widely used in a lot of occasions such as the warehouse, workshop, port, construction site, etc. You can get the most proper gantry crane machine to finish the lifting task of your business. No matter what kinds of gantry cranes you need, we can supply you the most proper gantry crane machine for your business.'

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b'Nov 09, 2020 \xc2\xb7 Double girder cranes are suitable for heavier-duty applications, they can lift up to several hundred tons. Electric Wire Rope Double Girder Hoist For Ship Building / Hydro Power Industry 10t 20t 30t. Double -rail Electric Crane Hoist With Steel Material And Customized Color. Overhead Travelling Crane.'

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b'Looking for electric double girder gantry crane 20 ton? STONIMAGE designs, manufactures and offers cranes and related products based on F.E.M standard. Our company focus on a series of high-end crane and lifting equipment services. Our team owns much experiences in this fiend. Our efficient policy and ...'

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b'Industrial Warehouse Double Girder Mobile Gantry Crane with lifiting trolley Large gantry crane The double girder mobile gantry crane complies with the national crane design standard GB/T 14406. The double girder gantry crane is mainly composed of bridge frame, trolley, crane travel mechanism and electrical system.'