High quality U beam bridge erection segment lifter crane used balanced cantilever method for MRT project

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b'Bridge Girder Erecting Launcher Crane applies to highway, railway bridges to the construction site of bridge construction, its main function is to mention prefabricated good beam slice and delivered on prefabricated good piers.it and general meaning cranes have very big different, high safety requirements.'

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b'The balanced cantilever method can also be used on 40-60m constant-depth spans, though it is best suited to longer varying-depth spans. The segments are erected individually or in pairs with cranes on the ground or barges, lifting frames or cranes on deck, and self-launching gantries.'

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b'Oct 24, 2019 \xc2\xb7 Contents 1. Introduction to Bridge Construction Methods 2. Main Features of Bridge Erection Machines 3. Beam Launchers 4. Self-Launching Gantries for Span-By-Span Precast Segmental Erection 5. Movable Scaffolding Systems (MSS\xe2\x80\x99s) for Span-By-Span Casting 6. Self-Launching Machines for Balanced Cantilever Construction 7.'

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b'Umm Lafina Project, Abu Dhabi, UAE. The launching girder for beam erection 140ton capacity on 45m span is working in full speed mode! Deal has also supplied to Webuild one mould, lifters and engineering services for the erection of the main ramp of the project, that is built with the prefabricated segments'

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b'The segmental cantilever construction was facilitated using specially designed and fabricated segment launcher, capable of lifting and moving with 100T segment, see fig 34. In order to reduce the locked in forces due to creep, shrinkage and temperature variations, that occur in integral bridges, the middle piers ...'

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b'As of February 2019, 60% of the segments had been precast and placed into storage. Superstructure segment erection started in March 2019. Assembly of the bridge superstructure represents the final major step in the construction schedule and is performed using the balanced cantilever method of precast segment erection.'

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b'balanced cantilever for the 3-span units (segments lifted by crane or lifting frames - 6 nos.). One 3-span unit is erected in approximately one month. The choice of the overhead erection gantry meets the speed criteria: one typical 32m span is erected in less than 2 days.'

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b'MRT,bridges,viaducts,highway,expressway,railway,MRT, bridges, viaducts Packaging Detail: Electric trolley and electrical equipment are packaged by high quality plywood crates, 1500T double truss bridge construction launching gantry equipment main beams are packaged by plastic woven cloth.'