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b'Jan 17, 2008 \xc2\xb7 These include single survey carriage wheels positioned at each end of the carriage body attached by a single axle. The wheel rides directly on top of the crane rail. To ensure that the carriage remains aligned with the centreline of the crane rail, the survey carriage includes carriage stabilising side-'

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b"As applicable to top running bridge cranes, usually manufactured with tapers of 1 in 20, 1 in 25, or 1 in 16 and should almost always be installed with the larger diameter towards the inboard side of the crane. Generally used on bridge drives on long span cranes to help prevent skewing of the bridge structure. Some people swear by them. Some don't."

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b'Single Girder Top Running. Single girder cranes are the most cost effective purchase for capacities up to 20 tons and 60 or 80 ft. spans. Reduced wheel loads combined with very low headroom standard hoists provide outstanding value.By utilizing our structural and box girder technology, EMH can also provide single girder cranes with capacities up to 15 tons and span up to 120 ft.'

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b'Overhead Crane Safety and Prevention Crane Operators Hoist Operator The employee that uses the hoist to lift, lower, and move a load by means of an overhead crane. Rigger The employee that is responsible for balancing and securing the load to the hook, and will direct the hoist operator during the lift.'

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b'May 17, 2019 \xc2\xb7 Overhead crane equipment parts can be broken down into four main categories: -Power systems and motors. -Electrical parts. -Mechanical parts. -Controls. The principal parts of overhead traveling cranes are: bridge girders, end trucks, trolley with hoisting mechanism, an operator\xe2\x80\x99s cab or pendant control. Careful repair and maintenance are ...'

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b'Single Girder: An overhead crane consisting of two end trucks, a single bridge girder and the trolley . Side Pull: The angle by which the load block is being operated outside of the vertical lifting place. Sheave: A grooved wheel or pulley used with a rope or chain to change direction and point of application of a \xe2\x80\xa6'

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b'unique to cranes and hoists. Bridge: That part of a crane consisting of girders, trucks, end ties, foot walks, and drive mechanism which carries the trolley(s). Bridge Crane: A load lifting system consisting of a hoist which moves laterally on a beam, girder, or bridge which in turn moves longitudinally on a runway made of .'

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b'CAD Blocks, free download - Crane. Other high quality AutoCAD models: Elements of Crane. Truck crane manipulator. Railroad crane. Crane crawler. 12 + 12 = ? Post Comment. Juan Pedro Gonz\xc3\xa1lez P\xc3\xa9rez. June 27 (2020) Thanks for the block. You are awesome people. :) Ey. March 25 (2020) Thanks for the free'