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b'STAHL CraneSystems is both a worldwide manufacturer of hoists and crane components as well as a supplier of methodical engineering solutions. More than 140 years old, the company is a global leader in explosion-proof crane technology and offers one of the widest \xe2\x80\xa6'

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b'AIMIX Group Co., Ltd, a famous crane supplier and manufacturer, specializes in producing and exporting lifting machinery equipment for years and has much experience about business and technology.Its factory is Yufei Heavy Industry Group, a leader with 55 years history in crane industry. Tel: 0086-371-55036316 Mobile: +86 180 3910 1075\xef\xbc\x88Eva Guo\xef\xbc\x89 ...'

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b'cut power to the drive motors and prevent the crane from colliding with the building structure at the end of the travel range. 5. Hoist - The hoist mechanism is a unit consisting of a motor drive, coupling, brakes, gearing, drum, ropes, and load block designed to raise, hold and lower the maximum rated load. The hoist'

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b'Brake- D.C. Electromagnetic brakes or D.C. Thruster brakes are provided to stop motion of different mechanism of the crane. Brake generally have rating of 1.5 times the calculated torque rating of drive. For hot metal handling cranes, hoist mechanism is provided with two brakes per motor.'

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b'An overhead crane consists of the following three primary motions: 1. Motion of the hoist (vertical travel), which raises and lowers the load. 2. Motion of the trolley (cross travel) \xe2\x80\x93 which allows the hoist to be positioned above the load and 3. The gantry or bridge motion (long travel) \xe2\x80\x93 which allows the crane to cover the working area.'

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b'Heavy duty crane mechanism control and drive system mainly includes crane electric motor and brake. The control system controls the traveling speed with cam controller. The crane can be with single or double girders according to needs and double girder overhead crane has larger handling capacity than'

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b'SC Smartdrive and SC Smartlift represent a quantum leap in crane drive technology. A microprocessor allows the infinitely variable control of hoist, travel and traverse motor speeds by means of a digital frequency and electronic braking module. Each of the systems helps to reduce load swing and provide'


b'CEE standards. Electric motors are manufactured according to IEC Recommendations 24-1, 34-5 and 72-1. Motor selection is based on the Swedish Crane Norm IKH 6.30.01. All motors are approved by the CSA (Canadian Standard Association). Gear design is based ISO/DIS 6336/II-6336/V (DIN \xe2\x80\xa6'