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b'3 ton gantry crane is composed of steel structure, electric organ, lifting parts, traveling mechanism, and special casters. For its own features, 3 ton gantry is often used in the small garages, workshops and other indoor and outdoor environments.'

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b'15 ton gantry crane can be designed with multiple configurations for different applications and working occasions, such as single girder, double girder, semi-gantry, truss gantry and mobile type. The selection of a gantry crane is determined by many different factors, like the type and weight of the load to be handled, environmental conditions ...'

Design and Construction of a Portable Gantry Hoist

b'Dec 05, 2013 \xc2\xb7 around $2500 for a non-adjusting height crane and would have an equivalent rating to the one being designed. These hoists come with casters but the trolley and chain hoist must be purchased separately. Below is an example of a basic portable gantry hoist design. Figure 1: Basic \xe2\x80\x9cA\xe2\x80\x9d frame gantry hoist (LK Goodwin 2012)'

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b'SEVENCRANE - Home - Bridge/gantry/jib crane supplier. Overhead Crane. It\xe2\x80\x99s also called bridge crane or EOT crane.Overhead crane is the most effective hoisting equipment used in plant or workshop. Detail >>. . Jib Crane. Small space occupied, easy installation, convenient for workers to use, flexible rotation , high efficiency. Detail >>. .'

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b'Aluminum Gantry Cranes. Capacities: up to 3 tons. Adjustable Height Under I-beam: up to 12\xe2\x80\x99 4\xe2\x80\xb3. Adjustable Spans: up to 20\xe2\x80\x99 on 1-ton models and 15\xe2\x80\xb2 on 2 and 3-ton models. Starting as light as 116 pounds, Spanco Aluminum Gantry Cranes are lightweight, portable, and extremely stable under load.'

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b'As a variant of overhead bridge crane, the gantry crane is also called portal crane or frame crane. Neared to a metal structure looks like the door frames is two legs of the gantry crane to be used to support the whole equipment of a gantry crane. ... New standard series. ... \xe2\x80\xa6'


b'SPANCO gantry cranes do the job efficiently and economically: \xe2\x80\xa2 No permanent installation required, making gantry cranes ideal if you rent or lease your facility. \xe2\x80\xa2 Quick, easy assembly. \xe2\x80\xa2Portable design allows relocation for use in more than one facility or work area. \xe2\x80\xa2 Gantry construction incorporates standard American I-beams. All ...'

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b'Oct 08, 2018 \xc2\xb7 A gantry crane is a type of overhead crane with a single or double girder configuration supported by freestanding legs that move on wheels or along a track or rail system. Gantry cranes are usually considered when there is a reason not to incorporate an overhead runway system.'