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b'QZ Grab Bucket Overhead Crane is mainly consisted with bridge frame, crane travelling mechanism, trolley, electric equipments, grab weight .Widely used in power station, storage, workshop and port, to load or unload some scattered objects. Its lifting capacity includes the grab weight.'

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b'Components of Grab Bucket Overhead Crane. QZ series grab bucket double girder overhead crane is mainly consisted of crane bridge, crane traveling mechanism, winch lifting trolley, electric equipment, grab bucket, etc. . Grab Bucket Overhead Crane Design Drawing. Application of grab crane. Double girder grab bucket overhead crane is widely used in steel plants, ports, cement plants, waste ...'

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b'Oct 15, 2016 \xc2\xb7 Waste Grab Overhead Crane Brief Introduction. QZ overhead crane with the grab is characterized by more reasonable structure and higher strength steel as a whole. The products has the follow parts: crane traveling mechanism, electrical, trolley, bridge, grab.'

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b'Crane grab bucket introduction. Crane grab bucket is a kind of tool used with cranes for material handling, which is mainly designed for handling of powder and fine bulk materials such as chemicals, fertilizer, grain, coal, coke, iron ore, sand, particle construction materials and mashed rock, etc.'

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b'High Efficient Garbage Power Station Overhead Grab Crane. 1. Design of Garbage crane The design of electric double beam garbage grabs Bridge Crane meets requirements of workshop structure on weight, LT wheel load, dimensions, etc. ... the crane automatically start from the parking position, move to the grab point, grab down, grab rubbish, grab ...'

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b'Waste to energy station grab overhead crane is mainly used for inverting garbage, catching and throwing municipal solid waste into the incinerator hopper. The working environment is 50 \xc2\xb0 C (maximum), relative humidity is 100%, and heavy dust pollution.'

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b'Rubbish grab crane is the key device used in the garbage feed system of different kinds of Garbage-cremation power plant in modern city. It is located at the to... p of garbage storing pit, and is mainly used for operation of feeding, conveying, mixing, fetching and weighting of the garbage. The garbage grab crane manufactured by our company can implement lifting and conveying strictly to ...'

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b'Sep 03, 2020 \xc2\xb7 The grab bucket overhead crane is a high quality overhead crane that is equipped with a grab bucket. It can be frequently used to lift heavy materials inside the construction industry. The capacity lifted by these cranes would vary according to the capacity of the grab bucket which may range from five to twenty-five tons. Grab cranes are incredibly popular in durable construction industries ...'