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b'Gantry crane lifting systems can be found in various forms, such as rail mounted gantry crane, rubber tyred gantry crane, cantilever gantry crane, truss gantry crane, full gantry crane, semi gantry crane, portable gantry crane, small gantry crane, light duty gantry crane and heavy duty gantry crane. We also has the capability to provide non ...'

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b'Rubber tire gantry crane is a product developed based on rail mounted container gantry crane and has a wider range of uses. It can be used with diesel generators, rubber heavy tires are used for walking, and hydraulic steering is controlled. Compared with the rail mounted container gantry crane, it does not need to lay track and power supply ...'

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b'Rail mounted gantry crane is one of the most common lifting equipment gantry crane types used in outdoor workplaces. The rail mounted gantry crane can also be used for loading and unloading containers in port and dock with high operating speed and working level. Our rail mounted gantry crane'

40.5t RMG Container Crane for Zhoukou Port

b'40.5t RMG Container Crane for Zhoukou Port. On October 11th, we received good news from Zhoukou Port, the largest port in Henan Province. A 40.5t rail-mounted container gantry crane made by Weihua Group was erected and received successfully under the condition of tight schedule and heavy tasks. As a leading crane company in China, Weihua Crane ...'

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b'Rail mounted gantry crane or RMG crane, is commonly used for the quick, safe and automated handling of containers. The crane provides high performance, reliability, low operating costs and low energy consumption, playing a key role in facilitating the operations of yard stacking.'

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b'F.E.M Standard RMG Gantry Crane. Gantry crane usually also called RMG crane, is crane with a hoist traveling along the railway. Double girder gantry crane is a crane with two girders for heavy load 5.0~300 tons. Gantry crane are designed to meet the industrial requirements from light to heavy lifting requirements, covering all parts of the ...'

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b'RTG crane, Rubber-Tyred Container Gantry Crane is dedicated machinery, container yard stacking operations are widely used in ports and container freight yard. 2. Using a dedicated container spreader which can lift 20 feet, 40 feet, 45 feet standard containers and hydraulic storage tanks. 3. Crane and trolley traveling mechanism adopt the three ...'

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b'May 16, 2019 \xc2\xb7 Depending on the degree of automation in modern container terminals, this can be done by means of two types of cranes for the handling of containers: gantry cranes on tires (RTG, for its acronym in English) or cranes gantry on rails (RMG). RTG crane RTG container crane. RTG equipment. Although the task of both types of cranes is very similar ...'