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b'A safe, reliable and explosion-proof crane. Hoisting capacity: 3\xe2\x80\x9325t Jib radius: 8\xe2\x80\x9324m Hoisting speed: 10\xe2\x80\x9330 m/min Applications: Safe, reliable handling of spares and provisions on all type of vessels and for handling free-fall boats. Hoisting capacity: 3\xe2\x80\x9325t Jib radius: 8\xe2\x80\x9324m Hoisting speed: 10\xe2\x80\x9330 m/min K4'

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b'Marine boat lift is a large piece of equipment that consists of gantry structure, hoisting mechanism, travelling mechanism, steering mechanism, hydraulic drive system and crane controls. Gantry structure \xe2\x80\x93 the metal structure of the crane adopts double gantry U \xe2\x80\xa6'

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b'We provide optional features such as 360\xc2\xba degree radius crane that provides a reach of 40 feet. Other options include hand controls and remote controls that can allow even a small crew of 1 to efficiently perform any marine construction project single-handed with ease.'

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b'For light and frequent work, small boat hoist is more suitable, such as 10 ton travel lift, 25 ton marine boat hoist, 35 ton mobile boat crane, 60 ton boat hoist, 70 ton marine travel lift crane. For heavy duty work, large travel lift is reliable, such as 100 ton boat hoist, 300 ton travel lift, 500 ton mobile boat lift'


b'Hiab Sea Crane 200- lift cap. 9,100 kg Manual crane arm boom - lift cap. 900 kg Metalcraft 4.2m workboat - 50 hp outboard Accommodations for 5 Galley, mess and lavatory facilities: Ontario: $499,000 CDN: W2277: 17.67m x 4.48m x 1.48m: 1991 Wood Covered with Fiberglass 10 Ton Cargo/Passenger/Work Boat Built in Maldives Gross tonnage: 9.2 tons'

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b'UNITED KINGDOM - Peterhead. Thistle Marine is part of Thistle Group, a Scottish company established in 1978, and undertakes the design, manufacture, service and repair of cranes for the fishing, marine and oil & gas industry. Supplier of: Bridge cranes | Gantry cranes | marine cranes | crane construction | port'

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b'Cranes. Operating cranes is complex and dangerous and workers must have the necessary skills and capabilities to do it safely. Every year there are injuries and deaths from work involving cranes: Between 2003\xe2\x80\x9315 47 workers were killed in incidents involving cranes. On average there are around 240 serious injury claims every year.'

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b'The lifting capacity of the boat hoist is usually in the range of 32-1200 ton, it is hydraulically driven, adopts soft and firm belts to lift the boat avoiding damaging the boat surface. The hoist crane can lift the boat from multiple lifting points simultaneously to guarantee the smooth and safe lifting work.'